Special Events

First Impressions holds some special events that we all participate in as a center. These days (which are scheduled to take place once a month) will include:

Music Monday:

We have Guitar Bob come to perform for our center for an hour of singing and dancing.

Trike Tuesday:

Get ready to ride for a morning of bike obstacles. Have your license ready!

Wear it Wednesday:

Spirit day! Wear the color of the month and we will have some fun with color related activities.

Fitness Friday:

Learning how to keep our bodies healthy while exercising, and having fun.

Monthly Events:

We will also be holding fun events such as Grandparent’s Day, Pajama Day, Pizza Day, Super Bowl Celebration, Chinese New Year, Picture Day, Slime Day, week long celebration of Dr. Seuss, Earth Day, Opposite Day, a teddy bear picnic, Children’s Book Week, May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day Tea, Friendship Day, Donuts for Dudes, July 4th BBQ, Christmas in July, and field day. Plus, THREE field trips!

Some visitors will include our local dentist, fire department, Santa, some leprechauns and YOU our parents, to be our featured story tellers.

Family events such as our annual open house, the Thanksgiving feast, our Preschool sing a long, the 4 year old preschool graduation, and our summer ice cream social.

You won’t want to miss a single day!