Our infant program insures that generous personal attention is given to the developmental needs of each child. Activities in the curriculum are designed to take advantage of how a baby’s daily routine can serve as a basis of learning throughout the day. They are centered on playtime, cuddling time, meal, diapering, and rest time. Books, songs and rhymes, games, face to face interactions, and fine and gross motor activities are integrated into our program on a daily basis. Our infant program is flexible enough to respect each baby’s individuality and each family’s unique parenting style.


Our toddler curriculum incorporates concrete themes that allow toddlers to form perceptions about their world through their rapidly developing skills. Toddlers are active learners; they learn language, problem solving skills, and fine and gross motor skills through investigation, experimentation and repetition. Exploration provides teachers with the framework to promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of toddlers. It is based on the series “Toddlers Together” by Cynthia Catlin, and the NJ birth to three early learning standards.


Our preschool curriculum is an all encompassing curriculum that provides teachers with a framework that allows them to present each unit topic through multiple means including critical thought, language, math, science, music, movement, and creative arts. This allows each individual child the opportunity to involve themselves in activities that they find motivating. The preschool curriculum incorporates our emergent literacy program which is a balanced approach to early literacy. The results are children learning to their fullest potential while promoting a strong self esteem.

Universal Preschool Program

Universal Pre-K focuses on children ages three to five having access to quality, PUBLICLY FUNDED education. While our curriculum and routines are the same in all of our classrooms, the universal program is free for the 3 and 4 year old children of residents of Hopatcong. A child must not be eligible for kindergarten at the time of enrollment.  The free full-day preschool program runs from September-June, Monday through Friday.  Each school day is approximately 6 hours long.

Ask about tuition based extended day care and summer programs.